European Fisheries Development Advisory Network meeting 2015

Date: 1-2 June 2015

Venue: European Commission, DG DEVCO, Brussels

Contact: Isabelle VIALLON

Email: [email protected]

EFDAN2015: Agenda

EFDAN2015: Participants

Available Presentations

DAY 1:

EFDAN2015: CFS 41 - Recommendations on sustainable fisheries and aquaculture for food security and nutrition (introduction by I. Viallon, DEVCO C1) (pdf 148 kb)

EFDAN2015: FAO Conference on Tenure Rights (debriefing by G. Greig, SIDA) (pdf - 605 kb)

EFDAN2015: Update on new programmes: Dutch projects in Indonesia (P. Spliethof (CDI) and G. Nader (Ministry)) (docx - 16 kb)

EFDAN2015: How to ensure the continuation of our actions (F. Henri, AFD) (pdf - 1 MB)

DAY 2:

EFDAN2015: Study on small pelagic fisheries in North Western Africa and possible impacts on nutrition and food security in Western Africa (I. Viallon / B. Caillart(tbc)) (pdf - 2.7 MB)

EFDAN2015: Research, data collection and stock assessment - the Nansen Programme and the role of CECAF (NORAD in association with FAO) (pdf - 1.1 MB)

EFDAN2015: RFBs institutional assessment and rationalization (S. Nouala, FISHGOV programme) (pdf - 5.8 MB)

EFDAN2015: How to promote transparency in the fisheries sector - EITI and aid conditionality (Transparency International (tbc) / World Bank) (pdf - 810 kb)

EFDAN2015: IUU fishing in Western Africa (MARE/DEVCO + NORAD) (pptx - 4.14 MB)

EFDAN2015: MPAs in Western Africa: how can they play a role in fisheries management (F. Henri, ADF) (pdf - 263 kb)