EFDAN 2019

Click HERE for all materials of the European Fisheries Development Advisers Network (May 2019) meeting held in Norway.

EFDAN 2018

Click HERE for all materials of the European Fisheries Development Advisers Network (June 2018) meeting held in Sweden.


About Cofish

The purpose of the CoFish website is to share relevant information in the field of fisheries and aquaculture for Africa, to foster networking and to strengthen institutional linkages for mobilization of knowledge and expertise. The CoFish site provides news and information, provides custom access to relevant sites and resources and links you to suitable institutions and partners. In this way CoFish aims to strengthen the development of the fisheries and aquaculture sector, the livelihood of the stakeholders in the sector and to ensure the role of fish in food security and poverty reduction strategies.

CoFish also serves as a platform for EFDAN to report on their annual meetings

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Find fisheries information like documents, projects, treaties from selected on-line resources: FAO, CABI, R4D, Worldbank, Eldis, Ilea, WUR, CGIAR, NEPAD, Runetwork, Agromisa. It is good practice to enter e.g. a location and a subject, e.g. "fish Ghana". (disable any blockers if you don't see the search box)

‘In the past we shared information with a speed of 5 km per hour . Nowadays we can reach thousands of people in a second’.


Read about the Global Program on Fisheries, known as "PROFISH", to engage the World Bank in improving environmental sustainability, human wellbeing, and economic performance in the world’s fisheries and aquaculture, with a focus fisheries and fish farming communities in the developing world.